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What campus should I purchase my books from?
It's best to purchase your textbooks at the campus where you will be taking class(es). Each campus carries textbooks selected by instructors, and thus, books will vary by campus. Books for FRCC Online courses are offered at all of our stores.
Why do you offer two different buybacks per semester?
When are textbooks available for each semester?
When will my financial aid book voucher be available for me to use?
How do I know which books I need?
What forms of payment are accepted in the campus stores?
Why do I need to keep my receipts?
Who selects the textbooks for the FRCC campus stores?
Why should I purchase textbooks?
Why do textbooks cost so much?
Which are better: new or used textbooks?
What is the difference between a “buyback” and a “return”?
Can I have my textbooks shipped to me?
What is the difference between FRCC and CCCOnline courses?
What is a “hybrid” course?
What do the different section numbers mean?